Hypnosis with Meg

By popular request virtual sessions are now available in the comfort of you home and though the magic and safety of your personal zoom session.

                               Save travel time and experience your session from a comfortable space in your home.

                                                         Call and ask if virtual appointments are right for you. 

Hypnosis Can Help with:

Stress Relief /Management

Decrease anxiety and depression

Increase organizational skills

Promote good Study habits and retention

Sport Performance

Build self-confidence and self-esteem 

 Improve the ability to recognize and respond to negative thoughts, emotions and/or behaviors  Old patterns of beliefs that have you feeling "Stuck"

and much more...

What to Expect

    Our first meeting will be a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation giving you the opportunity to ask and have answered any questions or concerns.

And together we can determine if: 

Hypnosis is the right therapy for you. 

If it is, then you can take the next step and book your first session. 

Sessions are held by appointment only.

Payments are due at time of service 

Thank you

Each session is scheduled for 60 mins

 Complimentary Phone Consultation 

30 minutes ( at no cost to you)

                   Session Price and Package Savings

One Session 



Three Sessions Package



Savings: $60 

Five Sessions Package



Savings $100

                                   Call Meg Today 

       For Your Free Phone Consultation                                  603-689-5574

My Four-Fold Process Approach:

1. Listen and build a quality rapport with clients so that the session plans are in direct alignment with the goals and the needs of the client. If I see 10-individuals with the same goal the best approach for each of them may be very different.

2. Help clients achieve long-term success and provide measurable results.

3. Educate clients. Help them to make informed decisions and give them tools to help them succeed.

4. Clients are taught self-hypnosis so that they are empowered to do the work on their own so they don’t become dependent upon a hypnotherapist.

Meg does not provide medical or mental health services. Such cases are always referred out to a qualified provider. When providing services such as pain management it is always with written approval from the client’s medical provider.