Hypnosis with Meg


Hypnosis with Meg

   Margaret (Meg) Annutto lives in Southern New Hampshire  and her office space is located conviently on Main Street, Nashua, NH. Led by her passion for complementary and alternitive medicines , she became a licensed massage therapist, certified hypnotist and has received several certifications in many disciplines of the Healing Arts. Meg is presently enrolled in a degree program at SNHU for psychology and working towards becoming a licensed psychologist.

She uses proven modalities that help her clients achieve and maintain a balanced connection between the mind, body and soul partnership. Meg  has a unique intuitive ability that allows her to easily understand the unique connection of the mind, body, and soul. 

Meg believes that when hypnosis is introduced properly, it can become a powerful change agent to overcome obstacles and support one's wellness. 

 She is committed to helping  individuals achieve their personal goals and when asked, she will work with health professionals to complement and enhance the client’s results.

 Physicians, psychologists, coaches and other health professions will often refer clients for hypnosis services to help with anxiety, pain management, stress release, improving study skills and much more. 

Meg does not provide medical or mental health services. Such cases are always referred out to a qualified provider. When providing  services such as pain management it is always with written approval from the client’s medical provider.


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As a real estate agent, I encounter a lot of stressful situations in my work day. I love my career and couldn't imagine making any other career choice. My health was beginning to decline and I knew something had to change for me.

 After my first hypnosis session with Meg, I noticed an increase in my day to day focus. Meg, continued to help me and with the support of hypnosis session, I was able to increase my real estate portfolio. I am able to manage  stressful situations with the self-hypnosis techniques and recordings, Meg gave me. 

Hypnosis has really been an important key for improving my life in all areas. Hypnosis with Meg changed my life. Thanks, Meg - Mary N .

Mary N.

Real Estate Agent

Thanks, Meg for helping me to improve my mental clarity, confidence and focus. 

 Your hypnosis sessions have really helped me improve my  performance at work. I am glad I overcame my fears about hypnosis and tried it for myself. I signed up for 3 sessions and I left each of my sessions feeling calm and confident and ready to attain my goals for my business.


Even my wife has noticed the difference in me, after just 2 sessions. She loves how relaxed, happy and present I am when I return home from work .  I noticed the changes in me too. I feel I am able to handle stress better and able to stay focused and organized. I unwind most evenings  with the mini hypnosis session you tailored and recorded an mp3 for me to listed to. 

I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, kindness and compassion. You are the best!!! - Russ J.

Russ J.